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Sweets and Treats
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Everyday more and more people are choosing to live a life that includes a restrictive diet.  It may be beause of a medical diagnosis, a moral or personal choice or just to be supportive of a loved one.  Whatever the reason, we believe that options should not be limited and exploited due to the opinions of others.  It is difficult enough to live with the reality of a restrictive diet without the scrutiny of others.
Here at Sassy Sophisticakes, all of our products are gluten free.  And  we offer several vegan and "Big 8" free products. We use local produce and other ingredients because we feel  that supporting others in our community is important .We also believe that leaving something out of a recipe shouldn't cost more.  All it takes is a little imagination and a whole lot of determination.
Gluten Free Trained
Our chef is Great Kitchen trained and certified for gluten and allergen free production. We are a small batch bakery, so all of our products are made fresh with special care.  Because we know how important it is to take every precaution when handling allergen free products, we bake all gluten free goods in a dedicated, gluten free only kitchen by our chef who along with her son, suffers from Celiac's Disease.
Though our products are made with great care in a designated kitchen, we do use ingredients from local farmers and buisnesses.  Therefore, we cannot 100% guarantee that there is no cross contact along the way.  But rest assured that all products are quality control tested by our celiac chef.
  1. Sweet and Delicious
    Sweet and Delicious
    We offer a wide variety of Sweets and Treats ranging from Grandma's Down Home country muffins and scones to our decadent High Society cheesecakes and desserts.
  2. Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    We have an extensive variety of gluten free baked goods available. All Products are baked by our Great Kitchens Certified Baker in a dedicated kitchen with extreme care.
  3. Birthdays and Special Occasions
    Birthdays and Special Occasions
    Let us help make your birthday or other special occasion extraordinary! If unique and personal is what you are looking for, search no more! Customization is our forte'!
Don't let your dietary restrictions limit you!