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Current products available for order

Holiday orders and winter hours :

72hr notice is required for ALL orders. All availabilty is on a first come, first served bases.  So, we sugest booking early if specific dates or times are needed.  
All orders must be placed no later than December 15th at 5pm with no deliveries after December 22nd.

Sassy sophisticakes will be TEMPORARILY closed from December 22nd , 2018 thru February 10th, 2019 for R&D and business development purposes.
Breakfast Items:

Cakes are available in the following sizes as two layer cakes:

6" Round: $20,Carrot $25
10" Round: $35,Carrot $40
1/4 Sheet: $35, Carrot $40
1/2 Sheet: $55, Carrot $65

Available Flavors:

Vanilla, Chocholate,
Lemon, Pumpkin and carrot.

Icing Flavors:
Vanilla, Chocolate, espresso, Orange, Lemon, Mint, Strawberry.

Cream cheese frosting
Available at an adition charge.
(included in Carrot cake upcharge).

All cakes come with a basic border and simple writing only.

Images avail and an additonal charge

Custom cake available upon request and will be quoted at the time of design.

Minimun Fee for tiered or shaped cakes is $75.

Cinnamon rolls: Pan of 6/ $14
Pecan rolls: Pan of 6/$14

Fuel up breakfast cookies: $22/Doz.
Healthy Hubby Breakfast cookies: $22/Doz.

Cookies & Bars:
9" Cheescakes

Plain: $30
Creme Brulee': $30
Turtle Cheesecake: $40
Chocolate Raspberry: $40
Black Forest: $40

1/4 sheet: $20
1/2 sheet $40

Currently available:
German Chocolate Brownies
Mint Layer Brownies
Texas sheet Brownies
Chocolate chip bars


Cookie Dough
(Formed and ready to bake):
$10/ Doz.

Baked cookies:
$15/ Doz.

Currently Available:
Chocolate chip
Peanut Butter

Chistmas Cutouts:
Frosted with sprinkles: $20/Doz,
Unfrosted: $15/Doz.

All available in DF

10" Tortes: $40

Lemon Cream 
Chocolate decedance
Crazy for cookies
German Chocolate